About Esquina

When Variety Comics closed in October 2015 we went to their farewell party. I own the jewelry shop next door, Nomadic Ant, and although I was not a comic book fanatic I was always happy to see the community gather around that corner. It had been there since 1974 and when I decided to rent the space in June 2016 after they closed, I didn’t really have a plan. I just didn’t want to see something terrible take the place of what had been an iconic corner for so many people for such a long time.

Esquina, the Spanish word for corner, is a place to explore your creative superpowers. It is a place for community, art, music and culture to thrive without judgement or exclusion of anyone. It is an old comic book shop that has been given a little love…nothing fancy, and still plenty rough around the edges. We kinda like things like that.

SInce Esquina opened, we have hosted open mic poetry nights, record release parties, trunk shows and art openings, theater groups and listening parties. We want to create a space where people want to go, hang out, talk to each other and learn from one another. Less connectivity, more connections!

Our current events include our 3rd Thursday Records With Friends Night (Nomadic Ant jewelry trunk show, different friends playing their records, chill house party vibes) and some live music, dance parties, and travel talks.

You just gotta come check it out. Have an idea for an event? We wanna hear it. Email us!