Teneral Tarot: An Invitation to the In-Between

Teneral Tarot: An Invitation to the In-Between


“Teneral” is the word for an insect’s in-between phase, after molting, before its exoskeleton has formed. In the words of poet Taije Silverman: “Teneral, meaning not yet hardened, a sense before a memory of the shell.”


Lauren Lowe (@teneraltarot) has been studying, practicing, and reading tarot for the past three years, at public and private events across the city and at immersion workshops, such as the Masters of Tarot conference in upstate New York. Lauren approaches tarot in a practical way, as an accessible yet powerful tool for getting not so much definitive answers (though it can do that, too), but more to the possibilities, the paths, the invitations that exist before the shell hardens. Nothing is set in stone. Tarot strengthens and fosters our intuition, imagination, memory, and creativity. It’s an image-based language anyone can learn. It’s storytelling. It’s a gut-check. It’s a little mini-therapy session.


Join Lauren on March 14, 2018 from 6-9 pm for a Tarot 101 class. Lauren will have freshly returned from the Northwest Tarot Symposium and will be eager to share the many beautiful layers that tarot offers.


Although the class is geared towards beginners, all levels are welcome. The cost is $30 and includes wine and snacks. Please bring your own deck if you have one. Lauren will have some extras available to borrow. Feel free to contact Lauren at Lauren.M.Lowe@gmail.com with any questions.

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