Night Witches Present: Witchual

Night Witches Present: Witchual

Welcome Witches!

This night is about reclaiming the word witch. Come participate in a full moon ritual lead by Lindsay Hopkins and learn what Samhain is. There will be snacks and witchy crafts!


PLEASE RSVP so we can plan food + drinks

We will be featuring the work of one of our favorite artist and customers, Jen Ferguson.  She crafts stunning moon wall hangings and will be for sale with a few of her other treasures.

Why the name Night Witches?  “The Night Witches were daring female pilots who bombed Nazis by night. They were a crucial Soviet asset to winning World War II.  They flew under the cover of darkness in bare-bones plywood biplanes. They braved bullets and frostbite in the air, while battling skepticism and sexual harassment on the ground.”  These brave women never received any sort of recognition for their sacrifice after the war, ( surprise, surprise), so this is our own nod to the women who sacrificed it all. We hope these events will be spiritual, educational, crafty, and political.