Night Witches Present: Death

Night Witches Present: Death

11-17-2019 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Esquina Chicago
Address: 4602 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60625, USA

Join the Night Witches for a evening of death.

Christy Chiappone, a local mortician, will join us for the evening to answer all of our questions about death as well as share some interesting stories from her years in the field.

Mason Gold of Morbid Orchid will lead us in a mini workshop.

Ticket price is $10, this is to cover the cost of the space, snacks and artist materials.



Want to know more about our mortician…

Christy Chiappone has been a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer for over 20yrs.  She currently works at a family owned funeral home on the northwest side of Chicago and that is the only the 2nd funeral home that she has worked in.  She does all aspects of the job from make arrangements with the family, picking up deceased’s from where they die, embalming and directing funerals. She is originally from Ohio and moved here when she graduated from Mortuary school in Cincinnati in 1995.  She has known that she wanted to be mortician since she was in high school.  She tells the story of driving by a funeral home in the neighborhood that she grew up in and telling her mom that she thought she would like to be a funeral director, so her mom encouraged her to pursue the  interest and find out what it would be like.
Christy is married with a 13 yr old daughter and lives in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. She is an avid runner and does paint by numbers to relax.
Christy would like to bring the death experience out of the dark.  She will discuss what you as family members rolls are in death, what the city requires you to do and your choices in burying your dead loved ones. She would love to take questions to dispell any sterotypes you might have of the industry and to help you understand what happens when you die.