Insect Encapsulation Workshop

Insect Encapsulation Workshop

Make your own scarab beetle jewel while learning an intro to acrylic resin work.

—Intro and Supplies—
Introduction of participants and workshop objective. All workshop materials will be supplied and distributed

Mixing and Pouring 1st Layer
Learn resin mixing techniques, pour layer 1, remove air bubbles, tips on positioning beetles

Heat Curing and Cooling
Get first layer into oven to cure 1st layer. Get out to cool. Discuss other methods of curing. Discuss the ancient Egyptians beliefs about the scarab beetle.

Pouring 2nd Layer
finishing layer, return to oven for heat curing and remove for cooling. Discuss other applications of resin working

Learn technique of removing cured piece from mold. Allow for additional cooling and curing while admiring and discussing our completed work