Full Moon Support Circle

Full Moon Support Circle



Gather with us on the full moon for an evening of guided Reiki healing, self-care support and resource sharing.

We’ll ground, we’ll release, we’ll bring in more light. We’ll set intentions to draw in the support we need. Everything is more powerful when we do it in relationship to the moon.

Prep for the Holiday crazies and dive more deeply into your relationship with yourself.

We’re living in unprecedented times. These waters are murky and more and more of us are walking into unknown spaces and not sure how to handle it and how to create what’s next.

When we support each other through this kind of transformative threshold we find our power. TOGETHER.

Attendees will receive a recorded guided Reiki healing journey self-care practice to download and ‘take home’ and a palo santo smudge stick!

There will be oracle cards and tea and a chance to connect with other like minded souls to share resources.

Those who wish to participate will be paired (by chance! we’ll let energy decide the best connections to be made!) with another participant for a Holiday self-care support call.