Art Gym Collective Pop-Up

Art Gym Collective Pop-Up

03-09-2019 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Esquina Chicago
Address: 4602 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60625, USA


Art Gym Collective is exactly how it sounds… work out stations that provide fitness for your soul. The purpose is not necessarily to leave with art, but more to use your hands, right brain and strengthen your creative mental health. Art Gym Collective is the healthy outlet and expressive space that you have been looking for. Give yourself the ability to strengthen muscles that usually lay dormant or ignored.

Sign up for a semi-private session with one of our Personal Training Artists from 12-1pm or 1-2pm.

Not ready to commit to one art form? Come to the Open Gym Hour from 2-3pm and experience a sampling of different artistic trainers for a flat fee of just $10 dollars!

Sessions are $50 per person and are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

Think Unique- Intro to Photography
(Sign up at )
Learn lighting, styling, and basic editing to improve your photos & content with Lauren Cornell. Great for small businesses, artists, or someone looking to improve their social media content.

Caffeine & Theanine- Intro to Ceramics
(Sign up by contacting Sarah at )
Learn basic techniques like building, coil, and clay prep in this introductory class to ceramics taught by Sarah Smith. Relieve some daily stress through clay.

Horror Floral- Color Experimentation
(Sign up by contacting Mary at
or )
Learn unique color theory that will get you mixing and matching. Find your way through experimenting with color basics and create your own happy color.

Nasty Threads- Intro to Embroidery
(Sign up by contacting Chrystle at )
Learn basic stitches and empower yourself to create a new thread-dimensional world!

Laurel Posakony- Intro to Poetry and Creative Writing
(Sign up by contacting Laurel at )
Learn how to express yourself through written word and improve your cognitive functions and self-awareness.