A Beginner’s Guide to Being Dead

A Beginner’s Guide to Being Dead


Well, you’re dead; now what?

Despite death (one’s own or that of someone else) being an unavoidable experience, most of us truly don’t know what to actually do in the event of someone’s demise. How do you make your final wishes known? How can you make arrangements easier for your survivors? What happens if someone dies far from home? How much does it cost to be buried? Is a viking funeral legal? What do I need a death certificate for? ARE HAUNTINGS A THING?

Let’s ask someone who knows what goes down when our number is up:

Christy Chiappone has been a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer for over 20 years. She is involved with all aspects of the job, from collecting and transporting the departed from where they have died, embalming, guiding families as they make arrangements, and directing funerals. At this event, she will discuss and answer questions about her job, what roles family members have after a death, what the city requires, choices in regards to burial, and SO much more. Christy’s goal tonight is to help educate folks, dispel myths, and make talking about death and dying more acceptable in mainstream culture.

*Light refreshments will be available. Please note, you will need to use a short set of stairs to access the venue. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash