Feminist AF Pop-Up April 14

Esquina Chicago is hosting the first Feminist AF Pop-Up on Saturday April 14 from noon – 6pm.
It will be a safe, inclusive space for women and female-identifying individuals to come together and do great things, to push for empowerment, change, a louder voice, and a supportive community for personal growth and exploration.
Come hang out, get to know the stories behind some of these creative people and learn about their craft! We will have a few cool experiences happening throughout the day as well – a DIY for activism Claws Out nail bar, a silent meditation corner, a vintage exchange with books, records, and some fabulous clothes for sale. Plus, everyone is welcome to bring art projects and other things they are working on. This is your creative space for the day, use is however you choose.Connect if you want to be part of this day in any way.
some of the badasses you might run into:

Danielle Wheeler in collaboration with Stephanie Butikis
Suzanne Miranda
Jess McIntosh
Kate Healy
Kayla White
Chrystle Rebecca Rivers of Nasty Threads Embroidery
Amy Couey of coueyart
Mary Sweeney of Horror Floral
Hillary Miles
Shifra Whitman of PINTL + KEYT
Lauren Lowe – Tarot Readings
The Chunky Scones
Bravo Vegan Tamales

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